Study Experience


More Than Just a Place to Learn

The HKUST Business School is more than just a place to learn. We aim at developing our students to their full potential, preparing them to take the next step toward career success.

We focus on creating a unique learning experience for each of our students, and develop future business leaders in Asia for the world. Our curriculum design, delivery and extracurricular activities will prepare you to manage your career in a global economy while leading a business in the Asia context.

Maximize Learning Experience

The high quality of our students and faculty as well as our excellent cultural environment and infrastructure provide students with opportunities to maximize their learning experience inside and outside the classroom.

Students' international outlook will also be enhanced by exchange-in students, who spend a term on campus and bring in fresh ideas and new perspectives, as well as their own exchange term at a CEMS member school abroad.

The benefits of these interactions are enhanced through various teaching techniques and methods, such as interactive lectures, case discussions, individual assignments and group projects, that provide an intellectual as well as experiential context for students' learning and reflection.

In addition to gaining academic knowledge and international exposure, students will also be supported at the HKUST Business School in preparing for their career, through skill seminars, business project and international internship. These opportunities will equip students with practical skills that can be used to kick start their career upon graduation.