MIMT Student Committee

The MSc in International Management (MIMT) Student Committee is a dedicated group of students who serve as the official representative of the MIMT student body. They act as the voice and conduit of their fellow MIMT students, representing their interests before the Academic Director and Program Office. The committee's primary objective is to enhance the learning experience for students and continuously improve the program.

The committee comprise of HKUST MIMT Home students who are elected yearly at the beginning of the academic year. They work collaboratively to organize social events and student activities that enrich the student learning experience, strengthen bonds between students, and foster academic and professional program development.

In addition to their advocacy and event organization roles, the MIMT student committee also serves as a vital link between past and future MIMT student communities. The committee members engage with alumni and upcoming committees to build a robust community of HKUST MIMT students and alumni. This network provides a valuable resource for study support, career development, and networking opportunities.