Program Curriculum

Carefully-designed Curriculum with Asia Focus

The HKUST MIMT program builds a strong foundation for management success and creates a unique learning experience for each of our students through rigorous study and an emphasis on creativity, analytical thinking, teamwork and actual practice.

The curriculum is carefully-designed to combine academic theory with business practice and international exposure. It consists of foundation courses, required courses, and elective courses. One of the distinguishing features of our courses is the emphasis on developing Asia and China business expertise. A good number of our courses have Asian content to equip students with a better understanding of the Asian business environment.

Remarks: Program curriculum is subject to modification in each intake and further electives to be developed.


Core Courses

MIMT5010 Market Research for Business Applications

This course aims to investigate the market research process and its application as a problem-solving tool for management decision making. Methods, techniques, and procedures of market research will be discussed, including topics on defining research problems, designing a research project, and in collecting, analyzing, recording and interpreting data, and report writing and presentation.

MIMT5020 Managerial Decision Making

High quality managerial decisions require quality decision content and quality decision making process. This course focuses on the concepts and techniques that can develop effective decision-making skills for those who will be in management positions, both as individuals and in teams. Emphasis of topics will be put on how to facilitate and formalize the decision-making process, reveal decision-making biases and enable decision analysis to work as a powerful and flexible management tool that can address many types of business problems. It helps students understand what traps might be involved in the decision-making process and what can be done to improve the quality of decisions as a manager.

MIMT5110 Doing Business in Asia

The course is designed to allow students to appreciate and understand the opportunities and challenges in doing business in the Asian countries. The course provides a broad introduction to key issues in the business environment including business policy, corporate governance, legal aspects, strategy, marketing and branding, services management and cross-cultural management, etc.. The implications of political, socio-economic, and cultural environment provide students with insights into how to formulate and implement strategies for competitive advantage and value creation in Asia.

MIMT5310 Understanding Consumers: A Strategic Approach

Consumers react to marketing information provided about a product. The topics discussed comprise an examination of basic psychological processes in a logical sequence: i.e., exposure, attention, perception, memory, persuasion, and decision-making. Advertising - and how consumers process ads - is the major vehicle used to clarify these concepts. In addition, the course also furthers an understanding of consumer behavior by examining its social and cultural context, including the influence of group members (such as family and other important referents) on decision making and perception, and the nature and importance of cultural differences in consumer behaviour around the world. Thus, this course both a micro and macro perspective on the factors influencing a customer.

MIMT5350 Project Management

This course covers the essential project management skills to ensure successful implementation of business projects. Topics include investment decisions, resource planning, budgeting, scheduling, outsourcing, and risk assessment and control, etc.


Required Courses

MIMT5120 Strategic Management in Asia

The primary topic of this course is strategic management in the Asian context. It focuses on key theories and frameworks in strategic management, the characteristics of the specific business environment in Asia, and insights of how to apply these theories and frameworks into the Asian context. It helps students who plan to work in Asian companies understand their roles and responsibilities in helping the companies to achieve competitive advantage; and to help those who work in foreign companies that either already have or will have operations in Asia to obtain the knowledge necessary to compete or cooperate with Asian companies more successfully.

MIMT5200 Global Citizenship

Global citizenship is the global exercise of ethical, values-based citizenship in the pursuit of economic and societal progress and sustainable development. It requires the vision and courage to place decision making and management practice in a global context. Nowadays, globally responsible managers at all organizational levels all over the world face ever-changing challenges and they are embedding global responsibility in their business to deal with these challenges. Topics in the course include understanding the global business environment, responsible management behaviours, corporate global responsibility and sustainable global business practices, etc..

MIMT5210 Managing Global Complexity

This course focuses on the challenges and opportunities associated with organizational management and business strategy in the global environment. It provides a managerial overview of how different countries' cultural, social, political, technological and economic environments affect the strategic, organizational, and human resource issues that affect multinational companies. Key topics include globalization, culture, cross-cultural communication, negotiation, motivation, leadership and group dynamics. It develops a managerial mindset to practice management, encourages students to move between management concepts and their real-life applicability and ultimately adapts to the ever-changing world of management practice.


Elective Courses*

MGMT5550 Effective Negotiations

This course focuses on two-party negotiations in a wide variety of settings ranging from simple buyer-seller bargains to complex, multiple-issue strategic relationships.

MGMT5750 Deal Making across Asia and China

This course specifically focuses on formulating and applying practical deal-making strategies to real-world transactions in the Asia Pacific region. This is a highly participatory and interactive course instead of purely lecture-style. Participants are asked to play the roles of deal makers -- which role may be as a lead negotiator, investor, investment banker, salesman, consultant, or investment advisor -- in pioneering transactions.

MGMT5960 Achieving High Performance in Teams

The course offers a unique opportunity to develop students’ understanding of how to lead and participate in a high performance team as well as address the challenge of virtual teamwork. The course offers a highly unusual and exciting experiential component when students will form small virtual teams to compete in a competitive team performance challenge.

MGMT5983 Introduction to Management

This class provides an accelerated overview of the material covered in undergraduate classes in management and strategy, aimed at PG students with no UG background in business. It will cover essential frameworks in both organizational behavior (leadership and motivation, organizational culture and design) and strategy (business and corporate strategy, international business). It also provides an introduction to the case method.


#Pre-selected specified electives for students without Business background.

MIMT5410 Business and Climate Change in Asia Pacific

Climate change is one of the biggest problems of today and tomorrow. Businesses contribute to climate change but also suffer from its consequences, while for selected industries it poses great opportunities. The outcomes of global climate negotiations play a vital role for doing business, and global players are heavily invested in trying to influence these negotiations. This course discusses climate change largely from a business perspective, as well as global climate policy.

MIMT5780 Leveraging Personality in the Workplace

This course covers major psychological perspectives and current research on personality. It provides an in-depth examination of how personality theories can be applied to understanding personality in the workplace.


* Offering schedule is subject to availability