International Internship

Practical Internship Integrating Theory and Practice

Internships provide students with an opportunity to apply their academic experience and theoretical knowledge in a real-life, professional, multi-cultural environment.

Students are required to work on a consecutive period of at least 8 weeks in the same company outside their home schools or home countries as international internship after Term 2. The location of international internship together with student's home country, home school and exchange school must cover at least three countries. Students are expected to play an active role in securing the internship which must be approved by the School before they start. Internships can take place at a CEMS Corporate Partner, although this is not compulsory, or at a non-profit organization.

The internship must be a full-time activity at a professional level (first job level of a graduate recruit) where students are given one or more challenging projects with a certain degree of autonomy. Students' performance in the internship will be assessed and evaluated by the company upon completion of the internship.

Those students who acquired relevant internship or work experience outside their home country before joining the program (8 weeks or more full-time work experience at a first job level) can earn credit for their experience and be exempted from the internship requirement.