Graduation & Degree

Dual Qualifications and Worldwide Network

Students must complete all coursework during the program with satisfactory performance and fulfill credit requirements from both HKUST and CEMS. In addition, students must attain a graduation grade average GGA of 2.850 or above (out of a scale of 4.30) as required of all postgraduate students at HKUST.

Students entering the program with two languages (English and another language) must study an equivalent of at least one term of introductory course of a third language at HKUST and complete it successfully before graduation.

Upon successful completion of the program, students will receive two qualifications: the “Master of Science in International Management” degree from HKUST and the “CEMS Master’s in International Management” recognition qualification from CEMS.

Graduates can join the HKUST Congregation as well as the CEMS Annual Graduation Ceremony upon graduation, and become alumni of both worldwide networks.