Internship (CEMS Track ONLY)

1. Will I be able to get an internship during my study and how can I do this? 

Students are required to undertake an international internship after Term 2 (during summer) in which they will work for a consecutive period of at least 8 weeks in one company outside their home country. Students are expected to play an active role in securing the internship which must be approved by the school before it starts. The internship can take place at a CEMS Corporate Partner, although this is not compulsory, or at a non-profit organisation.

2. Are there any career services that can help me to obtain an internship? 

In order to facilitate students’ entry into the world of work and help companies track down the right profiles for recruitment, the CEMS network provides a number of services. These include CEMS Career ForumCEMS Virtual Career FairCEMS Job Market and CEMS Student CV Database. Moreover, students also benefit from free access to online career development platforms offering useful tips and information that help them best prepare for the early stages of their careers.

3. Can I take the internship in Hong Kong?

The main objective of the internship is to turn students' academic experience and theoretical knowledge into a professional, multi-cultural experience that enables students to integrate an organisation’s culture and processes. The location of international internship together with the student’s home country, home school and exchange school must cover at least three countries. 

For local Hong Kong students enrolled in the program, their internships should take place outside Hong Kong. For non-local students from China, Asia, the Americas or Europe, their internships may take place in Hong Kong.

4. Do I need a work visa to do the internship?

Some locations require students to get a work visa in order to do an internship. Students are recommended to coordinate with the company which offers the internship for the application of a work visa, if needed.

5. Is the internship paid or unpaid?

It is up to individual employer's practice. Students should pay attention to the information provided in the internship description.