Campus Life

1. Is on-campus accommodation available? 

On-campus accommodation at HKUST is not available due to heavy demand. Students will have to explore short-term off-campus accommodation. The University’s Student Housing Office will help to explore information for short-term off-campus housing options for the exchange-in and non-local students.

2. Can I learn Mandarin (Putonghua) or Cantonese, or other languages at HKUST? 

The HKUST Language Centre offers various language courses, including Mandarin, Cantonese and also other Asian / European languages, throughout the year for students to join at an extra cost. These are optional courses and are not credit bearing.

3. Do I need a laptop for study? 

We strongly recommend students to have laptops. There are, however, several computer barns on campus equipped with over a hundred computers. Those who intend to buy a laptop can join the notebook ownership scheme on campus and purchase one at a discounted price for students, though it will take some time before the product can be picked up.

3. How far is the campus from the city center? 

The campus is just 10 minutes' ride away from the nearest Mass Transit Railway (MTR) station at Hang Hau. Supermarket, banks, bookstore and food outlets are also available on campus. The city center, Central, can be accessed by bus or minibus from campus within 45 minutes.